Mega-Sena acumula e pagará R$ 37 milhões no próximo sorteio
22/06/2023 - Brasília - Volantes da Mega Sena sendo preenchidos para apostas em casas lotéricas da Caixa. Foto: Rafa Neddermeyer/Agência Brasil

The Mega-Sena contest prize 2625 has accumulated. No one guessed the six dozen drawn last Saturday night, 26.

The prize, which was estimated at R$ 31 million, increased to approximately R$ 37 million.

The numbers drawn were as follows: 09-10-35-44-55-58.

Forty-seven bets hit five numbers and will receive the amount of R$ 66,823.09. Another 3,624 bets hit four tens and won R$ 1,238.04.

The next Mega-Sena contest is scheduled for Thursday, the 29th. The draw is scheduled to start at 8:00 pm (Brasília time).

To take the Mega-Sena maximum prize, you need to match the six numbers drawn. It is also possible to win prizes when matching four or five dozens.

A single Mega bet costs R$5 and can be placed at lottery outlets, via the internet or in the Loterias Caixa smartphone application.

What are the chances of winning the Mega-Sena?

Mega-Sena’s high values ​​are not limited to the prize amount; they also extend when it comes to probability.

Those who opt for the minimum bet, selecting six numbers, face a 1 in 50,063,860 chance of becoming a millionaire.

This number is reduced to 1 in 7,151,980 in the case of a bet with seven numbers.

For players who choose the maximum bet, with 15 numbers – the most expensive of all types of this lottery game –, there will be a chance in 10,003 of matching the six numbers drawn.

According to statistics released by Caixa, bets with eight numbers represent a chance of 1 in 1,787,995.

Bets with nine numbers have a probability of 1 in 595,998.

Anyone placing a bet on ten numbers will have a 1 in 238,399 chance of winning the prize. An 11-number bet, on the other hand, increases the odds of success to 1 in 108,363 – which provides even more opportunities to win.

While bets with 12 numbers have a probability of 1 in 54,182.

Betting with 13 numbers raises the odds to 1 in 29,175; and a bet with 14 numbers brings a chance of 1 in 16,671.