British man wins millions in the lottery, loses everything and has to go back to work
Mark Gardiner. Foto: reproduction

Anyone who bets frequently on lottery dreams of winning a jackpot in order to change their life.

However, there are examples of lucky people who cannot make a millionaire prize last for a long time. The story of the British Mark Gardiner was one of those.

He won £ 11 million (around 67 million reais in current exchange rate) in the lottery in 1995.

Now, almost three decades later, he needed to return to the working routine after having lost everything with questionable investments.

How did Mark Gardiner lose the money he won in the lottery?

In the year 1995, Mark Gardiner and his then business partner, Paul Maddison, shared the total prize of £22,590,829 (about R$ 134 million) that they won in the lottery.

Nine years later, he lost some of that sum when he separated from his fourth wife. Subsequently, Gardiner decided to acquire a football team and a house in Barbados.

He spent the rest of his money on dubious investments.

The only successful investment made by the British was to put £ 2 million (approximately R$ 2 million) in his company Croft Glass, where he works, dealing with mediations, surveys and orders for new windows.

“Don’t get me wrong, if I won the lottery now, at 61, I would have done so many different things. I would have stopped working,” the Briton told The Sun.

Despite everything, the Briton declared that he is very happy working as a glazier in his own company and driving a commercial van every day.

British continues to bet the same numbers

Still, he continues to bet the same numbers he played in the lottery in 1995 in the hope of winning again.

Regarding what happened to his former partner, Gardiner clarified that Paul Maddison is a Jehovah’s Witness and lives in Scotland. Therefore, the two no longer have contact.