Mega Millions draws R$ 1.8 billion prize this Friday
Mega Millions draws R$ 1.8 billion prize this Friday

This week, Mega Millions is offering a prize pool of approximately US$355 million, which corresponds to R$1.8 billion at current exchange rates. The draw will take place this Friday, the 31st. While not a new global record, the $355 million jackpot dwarfs other lottery prizes by comparison.

The good news is that Brazilians also have the opportunity to win that jackpot by purchasing Mega Millions tickets online at TheLotter Spokesperson Adrian Cooremans explained: “TheLotter gives players the opportunity to participate in the world’s most exciting lotteries. Millions of people from all over the world buy their lottery tickets on our website”.

“What is the best part about playing the lottery online at TheLotter? Our customers not only play lotteries, they win too! Not long ago, a Ukrainian player named Nataliia won a $1 million prize by playing the Mega Millions lottery using the service,” added Cooremans.

But is it safe and legal to play Mega Millions in Brazil?

According to US lottery rules, the player does not need to be a US citizen or resident. However, in order to collect any prize, the lottery ticket must not leave US territory.

That’s why customers’ tickets are stored in a safe deposit box in the United States and customers receive a scanned copy in their account as proof of ownership.

If you won prizes less than $200,000, the money will be deposited directly into your bank account. But if you win the Mega Millions jackpot, the company pays all travel expenses to collect the prize.

It is worth noting that anyone in the world, including Brazil, can be the next lottery winner. Just take the first step, go to TheLotter website and buy Mega Millions tickets before Friday.