Mega Millions accumulates once again and the prize pool exceeds BRL 1 billion
Mega Millions accumulates once again and the prize pool exceeds BRL 1 billion

This Friday, the 17th, the American Mega Millions lottery will raffle the prize in the amount of US$ 254 million, equivalent to R$ 1.3 billion. While not a new world record, the value of this jackpot – $254 million – is far above other lottery prizes.

It is worth noting that all Brazilians have the chance to achieve this fortune. One possibility is to purchase lottery tickets through TheLotter online platform.

Adrian Cooremans, TheLotter spokesman explained: “TheLotter gives players the opportunity to participate in the most exciting lotteries in the world. Millions of people from all over the world buy their lottery tickets on our website”.

“What is the best part about playing the lottery online at TheLotter? Our customers not only play lotteries, they win too! Not long ago, a Ukrainian player named Nataliia won a $1 million prize by playing the Mega Millions lottery using our service,” added Cooremans.

How to register to play Mega Millions from Brazil?

The process takes a few minutes. And, any Brazilian can try their luck to win the Mega Millions jackpot. Just follow 4 simple steps to participate in the next giveaway:

  • Open a free TheLotter account.
  • Select US Mega Millions lottery.
  • Choose 5 main numbers and an additional “Mega Millions” number.
  • Confirm purchase and make payment.

When playing online with TheLotter, Brazilians have a wide variety of payment methods to choose from. The entire process of buying lottery tickets online is safe and transparent. And if you have any questions and need help, customer service in Portuguese is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The winner can choose how to receive the prize, there are two options: a single installment, but with a smaller amount compared to the total amount of the prize; or receive a fixed amount monthly for 29 years.

With the current value of the Mega Millions prize pool, if the winner chooses to receive it all at once, he will be entitled to withdraw more than US$ 700 million, corresponding to more than R$ 3 billion in the current conversion.