An inhabitant of Washington, in the United States, won the prize of US$ 754.6 million – equivalent to R$ 3.9 million – of Powerball. The winning numbers on Monday, February 6th were 5, 11, 22, 23 and 69, with the Powerball being number 7.

Lottery representatives said in a statement that only one ticket was lucky enough to match all six numbers drawn. Additionally, ticket sales resulted in an even larger prize pool than the previous estimate of $747 million.

Those who win the prize can choose two ways to receive it, namely:

  • Receive the full premium in 29 annual installments of approximately US$ 26 million (about R$ 134 million) with an annual correction of 5%
  • Receiving the award in one go, but in the amount of US$ 407.2 million (about R$ 2.1 billion)

Most lottery winners usually choose the immediate cash prize. It is important to note that both prize options available are already tax-deductible, according to Powerball. This was the first drawing with a Powerball winner since November 19, 2022, which resulted in a rollover of the prize, making it the ninth largest in United States history.

See how to make your bet on the Powerball

It is possible for any citizen of the world to place their Powerball bets through TheLotter, a company that offers the possibility to buy lottery tickets online, and has representatives in the United States. These representatives carry out the purchase of official tickets on behalf of customers from all over the world. Check out how to make your guess in the American lottery:

1 – Go to the Powerball page on TheLotter; 2 – Define the number of lines you want to play; 3 – Choose your lucky numbers; 4 – Confirm your purchase.

If you win prizes worth less than $200,000, the amount will be deposited directly into your bank account. However, if you are the winner of the Powerball jackpot, you must collect the prize in person.