The government of Paraná published Public Notice 2306/2022, which aims to hire a company to manage the activities and financial flow of Lotepar’s lottery operators, with an estimated collection potential of R$ 232 million in the period of one year. The notice for the lottery was published on Monday, January 30th.

The use of the lottery will be carried out by the private sector via bidding, studied by LOTEPAR. The state body wants to contract in advance the company that will make the management platform to have more control and effectively supervise the activities. The notice of Electronic Auction 2306/2022 is open for proposals until 9 am on February 15, and the bidding session will begin at 10:30 am on the same day.

Check below the criteria that the Notice establishes

The Notice regulates the delivery of a platform to monitor the companies that will be responsible for carrying out the lottery forms allowed by LOTEPAR. The selection will be made through a single phase, starting from the delivery of the system. This should include the necessary APIs to offer products, financial services and payments to customers indicated by the contracting party, facilitating integration with lottery operators.

The chosen company will have the duty to provide the necessary equipment at all points of sale for the execution of the services described in the Term of Reference and to establish the integration of the systems of several operators authorized by LOTEPAR.

In addition, the company must integrate the commercial game sales sites of the Operators authorized by the Contracting Party. In this way, purchases made by the Operators’ customers through the payment system will be redirected to the respective commercial websites after purchasing tickets and other game products provided by the Operators.

The platform needs to have procedures in place to detect suspicious transactions and be able to provide information and respond to queries from regulatory bodies. The system must include customer identification forms, such as full name, CPF, proof of address and optional verification by facial biometrics, among other requirements established in the Notice.

Platform remuneration for state lottery

The remuneration of the management platform will be charged as a percentage of the financial transaction of lottery games and will be paid by lottery operators authorized by Lotepar, based on each bet.

The percentage will apply to deposits and withdrawals of prizes or balances (3% for deposits and 1% for withdrawals). Therefore, the compensation will not affect Lotepar’s or Paraná State’s expenses.

Where can I access the full notice?

The complete Notice is available on the internet, on the pages of the National Public Procurement Portal:, and

Any interested party may request clarification on the terms of the Public Notice, and must file the request within three working days before the opening date of the bidding process, in a specific field on the website, through which clarifications will be answered. requested, within a period of up to three business days, limited to the last business day prior to the opening date of the bidding process.