USP medical student won the lottery 5 times after diverting resources from graduation
USP School of Medicine — Photo: Disclosure/FMUSP

The student at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (FMUSP), accused of diverting almost R$ 1 million from the graduation commission, made lottery bets after transferring student money to a personal account at the end of 2021. he even won five times at Lotofácil in 2022, earning a total of R$ 326 thousand, according to the newspaper Estadão.

The 25-year-old woman made high-value bets on a São Paulo lottery. The last time she placed a bet, she would have made a BRL 192,000 blow to the trade. A police report (BO), from July last year, was opened at the Police Station Specialized in Criminal Investigations (Deic) of São Bernardo do Campo.

A lottery representative attended Deic and said that the woman had been betting every day, always through transfer via PIX. “The woman would have left a loss of BRL 192,908.47, after booking the amount via PIX, without actually paying for the bets she made”. She is investigated for money laundering and embezzlement.

It was in an attempt to determine the origin of the amount used in the young woman’s bets that delegate Katia Regina Cristofaro Martins, from Deic, discovered that she had won the lottery. But, at the time, investigators were not yet aware that she could have misappropriated values ​​from other medical students.

“I found out about this new fact last Friday. Now we have a lead on the origin of the money and I intend to collect testimony from the students of the graduation committee and the company involved”, said the delegate to Estadão.

Embezzled Money

On January 10, a student of the USP Medicine course performed a B.O. against the student. According to the Secretariat of Public Security of São Paulo, he told the police that the woman had access to approximately R$ 920,000, which would be used to pay for the graduation at the end of this year.

The SSP pointed out that, according to the victim, he and other students only discovered the hoax on January 6, when the suspect herself would have told colleagues in a WhatsApp group that the graduation fund had been lost.

The faculty board stated that “the Graduation Commission and, therefore, the students who adhered to the graduation of the 106th Class, were victims of fraud after investing the funds collected for the organization of the celebration festivities, which will take place at the end of 2023. being investigated, seeking to identify those responsible for the fraud and the Board is supporting the orientation of the students involved”.

According to members of the graduation committee contacted by Estadão, the amount for graduation had been raised by the company Ás Formaturas for four years and, at the end of 2021, the student, who was president of the committee, asked for the transfer of resources to a personal account without peer approval. This maneuver was only discovered at the beginning of the year.

Student version

To her classmates, the student claimed that she decided to invest the money in the Sentinel Bank brokerage and, later, would have suffered a scam. She said that the broker disappeared with R$ 800,000 and the rest of the money she had to spend on lawyers. Asked about documents that support this version, the student stated that they were taken in a robbery.

In a note to Estadão, the company Ás Formaturas said that “all transfers were carried out strictly as established in the contractual clauses” and said it was “available to the authorities to provide contracts, documents, emails and other information”. and Sentinel Bank representatives could not be reached by the newspaper for comment on the allegations.