Last Friday, January 13, the American Mega Millions lottery drew the prize of US$ 1.35 billion – equivalent to R$ 7.02 billion. Only one person from the state of Maine alone achieved the cumulative amount.

Since November 2022, the prize has been accumulated and reached the third highest value in the history of the North American lottery. In total there were 25 rounds without a winner – that’s because the chance of winning the prize is 1 in 302.6 million. The next Mega Millions draw is expected to be worth $10.7 million (R$54.4 million).

Single ticket wins BRL 7 billion in Mega Millions
The numbers drawn by Mega Millions.

To take home the jackpot, you need to match five numbers between 1 and 70 and an additional “Mega Ball” number from 1 to 25. Unlike Mega Sena, Mega Millions does not pay the entire prize in cash. The lottery offers two options for the winner, namely:

  • The division of payment into annual installments over 29 years;
  • The prize in cash, but at a reduced price.

In addition, winners are subject to taxes, which can also lead to a significant reduction in the prize, in the case of the single payment option.

How to bet on the next Mega Millions jackpot?

You don’t need to be a US citizen to place your bet on Mega Millions, as TheLotter platform offers online lottery sales services and has agents in the US who purchase official tickets on behalf of customers around the world. Check out the step by step to place your bet on the American lottery:

  • 1 – Go to the Mega Millions page on TheLotter
  • 2 – Choose the number of lines you want to play
  • 3 – Choose your lucky numbers
  • 4 – Confirm your purchase

If you win the lottery prize, the full amount will be yours, as TheLotter does not charge any commissions. In the case of smaller prizes, all amounts are credited to your online account and can be withdrawn at any time. But for larger prizes, the amount must be withdrawn personally by the bettor.