Mega Millions rolls up and prize pool reaches R7 billion

The biggest American lottery Mega Millions did not have, for the 25th time in a row, any winner – the prize that was at US$ 1.1 billion accumulated at US$ 1.35 billion, surpassing R$ 7 billion at the current quotation.

The numbers drawn were 7, 13, 14, 15, 18 and the golden “Mega Ball” 9. The chance of winning the prize is 1 in 302.6 million. To give you an idea, it is the same chance of a person being selected in more than six thousand crowded “Mineirão” stadiums.

Brazilians can also play the American lottery, which works like a “Mega-Sena”. According to the event’s official website, it is not necessary to be an American citizen or resident of the United States to be entitled to the award.

For those who want to try their luck, Mega Millions accepts bets until today, Thursday, January 12, 22:59 – Brasilia time. The result will be announced tomorrow, Friday, January 13th.

How does Mega Millions work?

Even though it is known as the “Mega-Sena” of the USA, the dynamic differs from the version practiced in Brazil. When buying a ticket, participants need to choose five numbers between 1 and 70, and a sixth number, called Mega Ball, from 1 to 25. The bettor can match the first five numbers, but if he misses the golden number, he will not be considered award winner.

The winner can choose how to receive the prize, there are two options: a single installment, but with a smaller amount compared to the total amount of the prize; or receive a fixed amount monthly for 29 years. With the current value of the prize of US$ 1 billion, if the winner chooses to receive everything at once, he will be entitled to withdraw US$ 707.9 million, corresponding to more than R$ 3.6 billion in the current conversion.

How to play the American lottery?

TheLotter offers online lottery sales services and has agents in the United States who purchase official tickets on behalf of customers worldwide. Here’s how Mega Millions bets:

  • 1 – Go to the Mega Millions page on TheLotter
  • 2 – Choose the number of lines you want to play
  • 3 – Choose your lucky numbers
  • 4 – Confirm your purchase

If you win a lottery prize, the full amount will be yours, as the platform does not retain commissions from the prizes. In the case of smaller prizes, all amounts are credited to your online account and can be withdrawn at any time. However, for larger prizes, the amount must be collected in person.