Brazilians between 25 and 34 years old are the ones who place the most bets online in the lottery
Photo: Agência Brasil

Young Brazilians are increasingly joining lottery games over the internet. According to a survey by the lottery betting site Intersena, most operations on its platform are carried out by young people between 25 and 34 years old, followed by the 18 and 24 age group and players from 35 to 44 years old.

Intersena’s research points out that players between 55 and 64 and also over 65 are the least interested in online lottery betting. Young people account for 37% of the total surveyed, while gamblers between 18 and 24 years old account for more than 26%. In third place, the public aged 35 to 44 corresponds to 12.7%.

The fans of online betting are increasing in the national territory, according to the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce. But, the organization revealed that the age group that recorded the greatest growth was among players aged 45 to 54 years, with an increase of 60%.

For the general director of Intersena, Thiago Dias, the period of restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to popularize online betting in lotteries. “The pandemic helped popularize online lotteries. Brazilians have always been used to playing the lottery in brick-and-mortar establishments.”

“With the pandemic, without being able to leave the house, many started to opt for the online format and, seeing that the system is safe and reliable, the bets became popular and are increasing more and more”, added Dias.

Historic Mega da Virada prize should boost lottery bets

According to Caixa, this year’s Mega da Virada draw will feature the biggest prize in the history of Loterias Caixas. From the 16th of November, bets can be placed at any lottery box or over the internet.

This year’s award will be approximately R$ 450 million. In addition, Mega da Virada should also represent a record in betting, as the number of Brazilians who are betting at the moment has increased compared to previous years.

In fact, lotteries show a growing trend in Brazil. During the celebrations of 60 years of the Caixa Lotteries, Caixa’s vice-president Agent Operator, Edilson Carrogi stated: “Caixa lotteries, in 2022, will collect around R$ 20 billion. Absolute record”.