Timemania: Sports Committee of the Chamber of Deputies maintains club selection criteria
Photo: Saulo Cruz/Chamber of Deputies

The Sports Commission of the Chamber of Deputies discarded a bill (PL) that intended to annul Decree 10.941/22 in order to resume the previous rules for selecting clubs for Timemania. The intention of the project would be to ensure the permanence of the teams with the highest number of state championship titles.

Legislative Decree Project 54/22, by Deputy Emanuel Pinheiro Neto (MDB-MT), was rejected. The author stated that the new rules harm teams that won more titles in five states. It lists 11 clubs affected: Rio Branco (AC), Ypiranga (AP), Rio Negro (AM), Gama (DF), Rio Branco (ES), Mixto (MT), Operário (MS), River (PI), Ji Paraná (RO), Sergipe (SE) and Palmas (TO).

Rapporteur on the collegiate, Deputy Delegate Pablo (União-AM), however, supported the rejection of the project on the understanding that the measure “would not bring benefits to the 11 clubs”. “The regulation of Decree 10.941/22, which regulated Law 11.345/06, even benefits the 11 teams that the author used in his justification, in addition to 23 new participants included in Timemania”, he said.

Breakdown of Timemania’s resources

As of the decree, 11% of the funds obtained from betting will be shared equally between clubs in series A, B, C and professional football teams qualified in the ranking of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), until the number of 80 is filled. professional football entities that appear on the betting wheel. Before, the 80 clubs were fixed and the division favored Serie A clubs more.

Another 11% of the resources raised will be passed on to the clubs according to the proportion of bets indicated as “Heart’s Team” in each contest. Before, it was 2%. Thus, the fan, when betting and indicating the team of his preference, helps his team more.


The proposal will also be analyzed by the Finance and Taxation and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship committees before being voted by the Plenary.