In 2022 more than R$320 million will not be redeemed in the lottery after drawings
Photo: Agência Brasil

In a recently released report, Caixa Econômica Federal stated that lotteries stopped distributing R$ 323.34 million in prizes this year because players simply did not show up to redeem the money. According to the financial institution, this total refers to bets that were not withdrawn in the corresponding period between January and October 2022.

It is also known that these unredeemed prizes are part of all types of lottery games in Brazil. Therefore, winning bettors have up to 90 days to withdraw their money from the draw date. Therefore, only the lucky winner can request the transfer of values.

This amount of more than BRL 300 million is just for bets that were not withdrawn in the period between January and October 2022. The prescribed amount of winning bets is transferred in full to Student Financing (Fies).

The “ignored” prizes include all bets, that is, all types of lottery games in the country. In addition, Caixa is also responsible for directing the collections generated by bets that are distributed to areas such as Culture, Health, Education, Security, Sports, Security, among others.

Lottery bets with QR Code

Since October this year, betting tickets have a QR Code, allowing bettors to easily repeat bets from previous competitions.

The barcode on betting receipts issued by lottery houses across the country will be replaced by a QR Code for all Caixa Lottery game types. With the novelty, the player will be able to repeat previously played games just by presenting the receipt containing the new QR Code at the lottery house.

The new QR Code also allows you to check any prizes through the Loterias CAIXA App, available free of charge in mobile app stores, through the “Check Tickets” option in the menu. In case of a prize, the player can receive his prize at any lottery outlet up to the amount of R$ 1,903.98 or, above that amount, at any Caixa agency.