Mega-Sena accumulates for the 11th time in a row and the prize reaches R 150 million
Photo: Agência Brasil

Last Saturday, the 17th, Caixa Econômica Federal promoted the draw for the Mega-Sena contest 2,521. As no player guessed the six numbers, the prize remains accumulated and estimated at around 150 million reais for the next draw. This was the 11th consecutive time that the draw accumulated.

The numbers drawn were: 59-23-28-55-33-38. Although no player took the millionaire prize, 189 bets won on the corner, with each one receiving R$ 42,084.88. On the court, there were 12,204 winners, receiving R$ 931.08.

The next Mega-Sena draw is scheduled for Wednesday, 21.

Mega Sena Prize

The gross premium is equivalent to 43.35% of the collection. Of this amount:

  • 35% are divided among those who match the 6 numbers drawn (Sena);
  • 19% among those who correctly match 5 numbers (Quina);
  • 19% among those who match 4 numbers (Quadra);
  • 22% are accumulated and are intended for those who match the 6 numbers in the final 0 or 5 contests.
  • 5% are accumulated for the first track of the last contest of the year ending 0 or 5 (Mega da Virada).

Deadline for redemption of values

Not counting winners in any range, the price accumulates for the next draw, in the respective prize range. But, it is worth remembering that the winner has a deadline to request payment of their prize.

According to Caixa Econômica, the player has up to three months after the day of the draw to redeem the amount. After this period, the amount is sent to the national treasury for application in the Financing Fund for Higher Education Students (FIES).

In 2021, unredeemed amounts surpassed the half billion reais mark. Also according to Caixa, the “forgotten” and not withdrawn prizes totaled R$ 586.8 million last year, including bets on all modalities in the country. The total of forgotten prizes in 2021 exceeds even the main prize of the last Mega da Virada, of R$ 378 million.