FDJ launches fundraising campaign to restore historic heritage

French national lottery operator Française des Jeux (FDJ) has once again embarked on its ‘Mission Patrimoine’, aiming to raise money to protect and restore heritage sites.

Led by Stéphane Bern and supported by the French Ministry of Culture, the FDJ launched its fifth campaign to protect “endangered heritage”. For this purpose, the FDJ will offer exclusive Mission Patrimoine scratch cards at the price of €15 per ticket.

The FDJ will also offer seven Lotto draws. These include a ‘Super Loto’ on Friday 16th September which will have a minimum jackpot of €13 million. In addition, the organization is committed to raising money for the Fondation du Patrimoine, a French non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of national heritages.

From the FDJ scratch cards, the Fondation du Patrimoine will receive “the amount of the fee on bets normally owed to the State”, which is €1.83 per ticket purchased. The FDJ Super Loto will donate €0.73 for every €3 grid played, while in all other draws the foundation will receive €0.54 for every €2.20 wagered.

Specifically, this year’s grant will support 118 projects across France, including 18 “flagship” locations. Last year’s Mission Patrimoine managed to raise more than 28 million euros.

FDJ has a partnership agreement with the Fondation du Patrimoine until 2024. Therefore, it annually supports a specific project worth 500 thousand euros, in addition to the FDJ Corporate Foundation granting an annual grant of 200 thousand euros.

About the FDJ

From the creation of the National Lottery in 1933 until today, the FDJ has always contributed to French society, redistributing a large part of the stakes in its games.

It all started when Bienaimé Jourdain and Albert Jugon had the idea of ​​creating a lottery to raise funds and help wounded combatants in World War I who were not awarded state aid.

Heir to the national lottery, the FDJ still allows players to make money, but also to support actions of social interest (charitable associations, French sport, conservation of historical heritage, etc.).