Government of Mato Grosso do Sul launches public notice for companies interested in operating Lotesul
Photo: Antônio Cruz / Agência Brasil

The government of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul launched an invitation to tender for groups interested in managing the state lottery, Lotesul. The document was published in the Official Gazette of the State, on Friday, 12. The state service was suspended 15 years ago, according to the Campo Grande News website.

The public values ​​obtained from the lottery operation, including prizes not claimed by the winning players within the official deadline, will be passed on to social security, housing, sports, culture, health, public security and social development initiatives.

According to a state law enacted on September 24, 2021, half of these amounts will be used to finance actions in the housing sector. The state government injected around 145,000 reais in additional credits last year to comply with the measure.

Since the publication of the notice, legal entities can apply to create and explore lottery services according to the activities provided for in federal law, set up the physical and non-physical distribution and sales network, operate the technological management and monitoring of systems and product platforms. , elaborate marketing of lottery games and perform the rendering of accounts in the format of this call.

State government reasons for relaunching Lotesul

Among the governmental reasons for the implantation, the exploration of Lotesul will allow a new and important source of resources to the state, will increase the actions of a social character, as well as will result in new job vacancies.

Therefore, interested parties will have one month to send the necessary documentation to obtain authorization for the service. At the end of the term, the final list of companies qualified to operate Lotesul will be announced.

Both the permission and authorization will have a duration of five years, valid from the publication of the contract in the Official State Gazette, having already computed, at this time, the period required for structuring the lottery operation.

It is worth noting that both parties may amicably terminate the authorization agreement before its termination, provided that all contractual pending issues are respected, such as payment of prizes and transfer of funds due to the Lottery Superintendence of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul.