This Wednesday, July 13, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), announced the creation of a Special Commission to analyze the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 142 of 2015 – better known as the “PEC of Lotteries”.

The initiative comes from deputy Fausto Pinato (PP-SP) and will have 34 full members and 34 substitutes, all nominated by party leaders. According to the Chamber’s News Agency, the PEC aims to regulate public service permissions for an indefinite period whose contracts were signed before the 1988 Constitution.

The proposal was approved on June 21 by the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Commission (CCJC). The rapporteur, Deputy Darci de Matos (PSD-SC), commented on the PEC:

“The proposal in question lends itself to correcting this situation, since it will be ‘constitutionally referencing the contracts already regulated by law, which set a certain term, duties and rights, also granting them the right to renewal, as appears reasonable and justifiable, given the investments made by the licensees’“.

About the PEC dos Lotéricos

PEC 142/15 is authored by deputy Fausto Pinato (PP-SP), and the objective is to deal with the current situation of about six thousand lottery sellers, since accredited and licensed, whose contracts have no regulation in the Constitution.

The proposal also adds an article to the ‘Transitional Constitutional Provisions Act’ providing that the terms of permission for public services that at the time of the promulgation of the Federal Constitution were in force for an indefinite period may have terms and conditions established in the contract.

In this way, it is possible to guarantee the renewal of lottery contracts for an equal period, and, at the end, the service must be tendered.

According to deputy Pinato, lottery contracts and permits operate today in a “legal and social environment of insecurity and uncertainty, since permit holders found themselves deprived of a constitutional transition norm, affecting, above all, those who made large investments”.