Pool of Santa Catarina wins prize of 59 million in Mega-Sena
Photo: Marcelo Casal Jr. / Agência Brasil

A pool with 34 shares held in the city of Santa Catarina Herval D’Oesto hit the six numbers of the Mega-Sena Contest 2,478 this Wednesday, 4th, and will pocket 59 million reais. The draw took place last Wednesday night at Espaço Loterias CAIXA, at Tietê Bus Terminal, in São Paulo.

According to Agência Brasil, the numbers drawn were as follows: 02 – 17 – 23 – 28 – 39 – 46. The winning bet, with eight tens, was made at Bucco Loterias. The corner recorded 196 winning bets and each one will take BRL 27,088.07 and the court had 10,963 winning bets, with prizes of BRL 691.84.

In the next contest, with a draw on Saturday, the 15th, the prize is around R$ 3 million. Bets for the draws can be made until 7 pm at lottery houses, on the Loterias CAIXA portal and on the Loterias CAIXA app. State bank customers can use CAIXA Internet Banking. The value of a single bet on Mega-Sena is R$ 4.50.

Odds of winning the Mega-Sena

Whoever makes the minimum bet – of six numbers, worth R$ 4.50 –, for example, will have an opportunity in 50,063,860, to become a millionaire. This number drops to 7,151,980 in the case of a seven-number bet (BRL 31.50).

Whoever makes the maximum bet of 15 numbers – which costs BRL 22,522.50 – will reach a chance in 10,003 of hitting the six numbers drawn.

According to statistics released by Caixa Econômica Federal, eight-number bets (R$ 126) represent a chance in 1,787,995. Bets with nine numbers come out at R$378 and represent a probability of 595,998.

The player who chooses ten numbers will pay BRL 945 and will have a chance in 238,399 to win the prize. While the 11-number bet, which costs BRL 2,079.00, increases the odds of success to one in 108,363.

At a price of R$4,158, 12-number bets correspond to a chance in 54,182. Betting 13 numbers (R$ 7,722) increases the odds to one in 29,175; and betting 14 numbers (R$ 13,513.50) represents a possibility in 16,671.