A Mega-Sena winner was jailed for owing more than R$160,000 in child support. The decision is made by the Courts of Tangará, in the west of Santa Catarina. The man was the winner of the draw in 2001.

The prison information was released by the Judiciary on Monday (22). The man will need to pay the amount he owes with interest and monetary correction.

The prison is 60 days in a closed regime, separated from the other prisoners. He can leave sooner if he pays what he owes. If after the 60-day period the debt continues, the court decision will be reassessed, informed the Judiciary.

In relation to Mega-Sena, the amount drawn at the time was R$27 million. However, the man disputed the value with another in court. After six years, they reached an agreement and split the amount.

With the improvement of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the National Council of Justice (CNJ) recently published a recommendation for judges to return to a closed civil prison system, and no longer under house arrest, as occurred in the most critical moments of coronavirus contagion.

Alimony is used for food, health care, housing, education, transport and clothing, for example. The beneficiary can be a child, spouse or other relative.

Failure to pay or delay can result in the name being denied by credit institutions and the debtor being imprisoned.

With prizes reaching R$ 350 million, bets for Mega-Sena da Virada can now be placed

With a prize that can reach R$ 350 million, the biggest in the history of the lottery, Mega-Sena da Virada is already receiving bets from this Tuesday.

Caixa Econômica Federal will draw the jackpot on December 31st and reinforces the warning that, as this is a special contest, the prize does not accumulate. The contest will be number 2440.

If there is no hit for the six tens, the value will be divided among the five tens correctors. The promised amount is higher than in 2020, when Caixa estimated the premium at R$300 million.

Bets can be placed at lottery outlets across the country, via the Loterias Caixa app or via the internet. The value of the single bet, with 6 numbers, is R$ 4.50. Remember that bets must be made with a specific Mega da Virada wheel.

Estimates made by Caixa show that if the lucky one takes the jackpot alone, if he invests the money in savings, he will have an income of R$1.5 million a month, still enough money to buy 40 mansions for R$8.75 million each.