Brazilians can now place bets on Lotofácil da Independência
Photo: Caixa / Divulgação

Brazilians can now place their bets in the Lotofácil da Independência. The prize pool calculated for this edition of No. 2,320 of Lotofácil is around R$ 150 million, the highest in the sport’s history. The draw will take place on September 11th, the Saturday following the September 7th holiday, at 8pm.

Last year, Lotofácil da Independência paid R$124.9 million, the highest prize so far. The amount was divided between 50 bets, from 17 states. Remembering that the main prize does not accumulate in this modality. If there are no winning bets with 15 tens, the value will be divided between the lucky ones who match 14 numbers and so on.

Those interested can bet on specific tickets of the contest or on the regular ticket of Lotofácil throughout Brazil. On the Loterias Caixa platform, you can buy a special draw combo, as well as play in the official application.

Lotofácil da Independência also allows bets in the bolão format

The Bolão Caixa is the opportunity that the bettor has to make their game in group. Just fill in all the blanks on the ticket or ask the lottery attendant. In this modality, the pools have a minimum value of BRL 10, and each quota cannot be below BRL 3.

At Lotofácil da Independência, it is possible to place a maximum of 10 bets per pool, in the case of pools of 15, 16, 17 or 18 tens, a maximum of six bets per pool for pockets with 19 numbers and a maximum of one bet per pool for pockets with 20 numbers.

In relation to a bolão with more than one bet, they must all show the same amount of tens of predictions. In addition, you can buy shares of raffles promoted by the lottery companies themselves. Thus, the player may bear an extra service fee of up to 35% on top of the odds amount.