Chamber of Deputies Committee approves opinion for the creation of the Green Rural Lottery
Deputy Evair Vieira de Melo (PP/ES) is the author of the project. Photo: Chamber of Deputies Portal

The Environment and Sustainable Development Committee of the Chamber of Deputies analyzed a series of requests on Wednesday, 3. Among them, the bill 1587/2021 by deputy Evair Vieira de Melo (PP/ES), on the authorization for the creation, by the Executive, of the Rural Green Lottery.

Deputy Carla Zambelli read the proposal report and ended up suggesting the change of name to Loteria Verde. The text establishes that the net collection of these draws, in addition to the prizes not claimed within the legal deadline, be sent to the National Environmental Fund.

Purpose of the Green Rural Lottery

The purpose of the transfer of these resources is to finance the Federal Payment for Environmental Services Program (PFPSA). According to information from the Chamber of Deputies Portal, the opinion for the Green Lottery was approved by the Environment and Sustainable Development Commission. The progress of the project can be followed here.

Other matters dealt with by the Environment Committee

The Committee also dealt with PL 4438/2020, by Deputy Fred Costa (PATRIOTA-MG), which had an opinion read by the rapporteur, Deputy Tabata Amaral. The bill defines that the administrators and administrators of residential condominiums are required to inform the authorities of cases of animal abuse. The proposal had a vote postponed due to a request for views.

In addition, PL 4386/2020, by Deputy Christino Aureo (PP-RJ), on the creation of the Environmental Program for the Protection of Slopes and Revitalization of Hydrographic Basins in Urban Areas through Reforestation (REFLORESTAR) was evaluated.

The rapporteur, Deputy José Mario Schreiner, stressed that the preservation and reforestation of these regions are extremely important to avoid floods and landslides. The report favorable to the proposal was approved.

Everyone agreed at the date of the invitation for the Minister of the Environment, Joaquim Álvaro Pereira Leite, to attend a Commission hearing on August 23.