Platform releases study on Caixa lottery values ​​for COB and CPB
Photo: Agencia Brasil

A report produced by Caixa Econômica Federal indicated that, between 2015 and the month of March this year, R$1,550,983 were transferred to the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and R$ 788,001,000 to the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB), referring to banking institution lottery games.

According to a report by “O Globo”, considering only the year 2021, between the months of January, February and March, R$ 36,542,000 were allocated to the CPB and R$ 65,740,000 to the COB.

While the platform specialized in the lottery segment, Doctor Lotto, carried out a study with the Mega-Sena information this year. In the first quarter of this year, the main lottery in the country sent BRL 19,384,363.04 to the Brazilian Olympic Committee and BRL 10,756,640.76 to the Paralympic Committee.

Caixa Econômica has not yet announced data for the second quarter of 2021, but according to Doctor Lotto’s projections, only Mega-Sena was able to transfer R$ 13,038,649.96 to CPB and R$ 23,496,733.79 to COB.

However, the amount allocated by Caixa for both the Paralympic Committee of Brazil and the Olympic Committee was 4.5% lower this year compared to last year.

Form of distribution of Caixa’s lottery collection

In 1962, the Federal Government made Caixa Econômica Federal responsible for managing, exploring and selling lottery games in the country. From then on, Caixa started to allocate part of the collection with bets to the legal beneficiaries to the Union. Therefore, social transfer is the core activity of Caixa’s lotteries.

The amounts are intended for investment in Brazil in segments such as sports, education, security, health, among others. In addition to fostering the dreams of millions of players, lotteries are an important source of resources to help the country’s social development process.

Therefore, almost half of the total collected from games, including the percentage transferred as Import Income, is destined for investments in priority areas.