Maranhão will promote prize draws ranging from 1,000 to R$10 for those who take the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine
Governor of Maranhã, Flávio Dino. Photo: Ribamar Santana / Assembly Agency

The governor of Maranhão, Flávio Dino (PCdoB), informed that he is going to start a kind of ‘lottery’ with prizes of up to R$ 10 thousand in the coming days for those who receive two doses of vaccines against Covid-19. The action, announced on Tuesday, tends to encourage residents to complete the immunization against the disease.

The prizes will be in the form of food purchase cards ranging from one thousand reais to R$10 thousand. Previously, people who were vaccinated also received corn porridge in ‘immunization arraiás’, where the application took place continuously on weekends.

This initiative by Flávio Dino follows a series of actions in the United States, where some states are supplying beer, sweets and opening specific lotteries for those willing to make two doses of vaccines. The capital of Maranhão, São Luís is already making the first dose available to the general population over 26 years old.

According to O Globo, the city is even registering the so-called ‘vaccine tourism’. The capital sought to speed up the process of immunization against Covid-19 after the discovery of the first cases of the delta variant in Brazil.

At least eight states have already established a schedule to vaccinate all adults aged 18 and over without comorbidities. Rio do Grande do Sul, Pará, Goiás and São Paulo want to provide the first dose for this entire group by the month of September. However, other places like the Federal District, parked on the calendar and are immunizing residents aged 50 and over.

Anticovid vaccination data in Maranhão

According to information from the Ministry of Health’s vacinometer, the state of Maranhão has already applied 2,285,099 doses of anticovid vaccines until Tuesday, 15. Of this amount, 1,739,885 refer to the first dose, corresponding to 76, 14%, while the remaining 545,214 (23.85%), are from the second dose.