CAPEMISA Capitalização and Incentive announce agreement for promotional actions
Pedro Gomes, manager of Capemisa Capitalização. Photo: Murillo Medina/Disclosure

CAPEMISA Capitalização, in partnership with Incentive, a promotions company, launched a relationship program. In the first national action, all customers who purchase company products, such as e-books, will be able to participate in drawings. The initiative is made possible by the title of Capitalization of the Incentive modality.

“Many companies are looking to promote their products and services and the draw is a way to get the attention of their target audience and increase sales. And we are attuned to the current moment, prepared to make operations feasible, giving credibility and fairness to the entire process”, explained Pedro Gomes, manager of the company’s area.

In addition, the company must announce new promotional campaigns until the month of July. “We carried out a survey in search of a company with market knowledge and a good relationship with Susep. Thus, all this expertise is transferred to the customer, who feels motivated to purchase our products and compete in the draws”, said Tiago Amorim, partner at Incentive.

The agreement with Incentive is part of CAPEMISA Capitalização’s strategy to increase its offer of products and partners in the Incentive category. According to the terms of the product, the contests are determined by drawing the Federal Lottery.

“We join forces because Incentive has the products and we have the knowledge. We see huge potential for growth. Brazilians like to purchase products and services, competing for an award. In other words, there is a huge audience. We are developing a series of commercial partnerships to expand this line of business”, added Pedro Gomes.

Incentive modality is one of the bets of the capitalization sector

The Incentive category is one of the main bets in the Capitalization segment for organizations to retain their clientele, as well as a chance to expand their business. In the country, according to the National Federation of Capitalization (Fenacap), the Capitalization products moved around 5.7 billion until the month of March.

The Incentive modality corresponds to 210 million of this amount and remains relevant with the recovery of the national economy, the growth in consumption and the increase in promotions due to the actions of retail and e-commerce companies.

About CAPEMISA Capitalização

Founded a decade ago, the company launches capitalization bonds and business mechanisms with competitions for various segments of the economy, contributing to philanthropic activities, sales growth, high average ticket and inventory turnover.