Proposal provides for the creation of the Federal Lottery for Culture
Deputy Jandira Feghali one of the authors of the project. Photo: PCdoB

Bill 1518/21 establishes a continuous national strategy to support culture, carried out in a decentralized manner, by state and municipal governments, from Union resources. R $ 3 billion is expected to be collected in the first year alone, in addition to the creation of the Federal Lottery for Culture.

The text is being discussed in the Chamber of Deputies. And, according to the São Bento em Foco website, the Aldir Blanc National Policy is based on the measure approved by Congress in 2020 that ensured emergency aid, help to maintain cultural centers and actions to promote the cultural segment during the pandemic.

“The law was a milestone in Brazil’s public culture policy. For this reason, we understand that it needs to be a permanent parameter, it cannot stop in an emergency view ”, said deputy Jandira Feghali (PCdoB-RJ), one of the authors of the project.

According to the PL, the Aldir Blanc National Policy benefits organizations, individuals and legal entities in the cultural sector. The amounts invested may have different purposes, such as the development of works of an artistic-cultural nature, exhibitions and festivals, inside and outside the country, awards and scholarships, qualification of cultural agents and purchase of works for public distribution.

In addition, the project states that the R $ 3 billion sent by the Federal Government to the states in the first year must be repeated in the coming years, adjusted according to the fluctuation of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) year by year.

Federal Culture Lottery can be created with specific law

The values ​​must be executed in this way: 80% in activities to promote culture, based on public selection or monthly aid for the conservation of cultural centers and another 20% in actions to stimulate cultural projects. And the amounts will be sent to the states and cities by the National Culture Fund (FNC).

In addition, the project determines that the federal resources of the National Policy Aldir Blanc will have three sources, among them 3% of the collection of the draws of the federal lotteries and amounts derived from the collection of the Federal Lottery of Culture, which must be launched from a specific law.

Now, the project will pass through the Culture commissions; Finance and Taxation; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship (CCJ).