American may lose R $ 137 million for forgetting lottery ticket in the washing machine
Photo: Yahoo Finanças

A woman residing in the US state of California is at risk of losing her chance to earn about $ 26 million, approximately $ 137 million at the current rate. According to information from local media outlets, the resident says she guessed the dozens drawn in the state lottery.

However, she claims that the registration note was left in the pocket of one of her pants and was damaged in the washing machine. According to Esperanza Hernandez, a collaborator at the commercial establishment where the ticket was purchased, the woman went to the place recently and told everything that happened.

Esperanza Hernandez informed the “KTLA-TV” channel that there is a security camera record showing that the woman actually acquired a lottery ticket. In addition, she was recognized by other local officials. So far, no other bettor has claimed the prize at the store.

California lottery says it will investigate the case

According to the representative of the state lottery of California, Cathy Johnston, the woman’s history will be properly investigated. The fact is that an individual who believes he has won a lottery prize needs to complete a claim form. However, the possibility of receiving without having the ticket also exists.

In this case, the norm determines that the subject must present evidence to help support his report, such as a photograph with the ticket of the winning numbers. The award can be obtained both in installments annually and in a single installment in cash of 19.7 million dollars (around 104 million reais).

When no one comes forward to request payment of the premium, the amount is passed on to the state’s educational institutions. The establishment that sold the ticket, on the other hand, should receive a bonus of 130 thousand dollars (about 690 thousand reais).