With the biggest prize in history, Brazilians can now bet on Quinta de São João
Photo: Divulgação / Loterias Caixa

Those who like to try their luck in the lottery won one more option. The bets for Quina de São João started last Monday, 10. The contest is scheduled for June 26, starting at 8 pm (Brasília time).

This time, the prize draw will be approximately R $ 170 million, that is, the highest in the sport’s history. Remembering that the prize does not accumulate. If no bettor hits the tens of the corner, the jackpot will be shared among the winners of the court and so on.

If only one person wins the historic prize of Quina de São João and chooses to put all the money in a savings account, it will ensure more than 270 thousand reais of income in the first month.

How to bet on Quina de São João?

To bet on Quina de São João, the procedure is quite simple. The player must choose from five to 15 numbers out of the 80 available. The bettor still has the possibility to allow the system to select the tens automatically, through the game in the category “Surprise”.

Nowadays, bets on Quina can be carried out in person at lottery agencies scattered throughout Brazil or on the official website of Loterias Caixas. In both cases, the player must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid CPF.

According to the Lotteries Boxes website, the person only needs to make a simple and quick registration to be able to place their bets over the internet. In addition, she must have a credit card from one of the main brands. At the Caixa portal, it is possible to place bets of a minimum of R $ 30 and a maximum of R $ 945 per day.

But, it is important to emphasize that the value of the bets is exactly the same regardless of your marketing channel.