Sale of RJ da Sorte is officially closed

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Sale of RJ da Sorte is officially closed

In an official statement, Capemisa Capitalização S / A has just announced the end of the sales of the RJ da Sorte capitalization bond.

According to the note, “In addition to the countless human losses, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been plaguing the world for over a year, has had serious consequences for the economy of the State of Rio de Janeiro, causing a severe impact on the maintenance of the RJ DA product. LUCK – RIO AND GRANDE RIO ”.

“With respect to consumers”, the company decided to inform the interruption of the commercialization of the title since last Sunday, March 28th. In addition, all bettors contemplated and who have not yet received the respective prizes must “contact us normally”.

“We inform you that all winners who have not yet received their prize should contact us normally, via email at, so that they can check in the documentation and receive their prize regularly”.

The statement continued in a thank-you tone: “We thank all customers and winners who participated in the various raffles held, who contributed a lot to the social actions of APAE BRASIL and who managed, through the awards distributed, to carry out their personal projects. We are honored to have awarded more than 4,000 families over the 52 raffles held and we are grateful for the trust placed in RJ DA SORTE ”.

Despite the frustration of announcing the end of the activities of RJ da Sorte – Rio and Grande Rio, Capemisa Capitalização reinforced the request for everyone to follow the guidelines of the health authorities.

“We remember that all health protocols must be maintained to preserve the greatest wealth that we have: our lives and the lives of those we love. Respect the recommendations of the competent authorities and pay attention to the vaccination schedule ”.

About RJ da Sorte

Throughout its 52 draws, RJ da Sorte consolidated itself as a capitalization bond, with an operation authorized by the Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP), an agency linked to the Ministry of Economy. In total, the modality awarded more than 4 thousand families.