IGT extends service contract for lotteries with LOTENAL, in Mexico

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IGT extends service contract for lotteries with LOTENAL, in Mexico

International Game Technology announced that its subsidiary, IGT México Lottery, has extended its contract with La Lotería Nacional to la Asistencia Pública (LOTENAL), Mexico’s national lottery.

The company will continue to provide instant ticket systems, lottery terminals, a communications network and additional lottery products and ongoing services. The new agreement extended the contract until March 2, 2022.

“For Lotería Nacional, the extension of the contract with IGT contributes to the certainty and security that we offer to our customers in a year of great challenges for all of us, which has also been a moment of transition and internal transformation”, said representative of LOTENAL, Mario Caballero Luna.

Jay Gendron, IGT’s director of operations, also spoke. “For more than three decades, IGT has provided our lottery client in Mexico with the experience, technology and services necessary to generate results that ultimately benefit social and health programs.”

Gendron added: “While LOTENAL is going through this process of operational transformation, IGT’s innovative, reliable and proven technology will continue to be the main driver of its evolution”.

Serviços prestados pela IGT na parceria

The services provided by IGT to LOTENAL include lottery game transactions and instant ticket distribution to 8,200 terminals across the country.

It also includes the continued development of new B2B retail channels; installing, repairing, maintaining and monitoring your total lottery terminal base and training retailers.

In addition, the company also provides call center operations and direct line management; a retail chain with sports betting at fixed odds; and marketing support to further enhance LOTENAL’s overall product and game portfolio.

In 2019, LOTENAL merged with Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública de México. However, the new organization chose to keep the name LOTENAL.