UKGC Announces Contest for a Lottery License Grant

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UKGC Announces Contest for a Lottery License Grant

The UK Gaming Commission (UKGC) has officially opened a contest to release the “fourth national lottery operating license”. The current and third agreement conducted by the Camelot Group will end in 2023.

UKGC has declared that it will pass on the license to a company that “maximizes opportunities for players and good causes to benefit from innovation and creativity, while protecting the status of the National Lottery”.

Neil McArthur, CEO of UKGC, said: “The Lottery is a national treasure. It has a reputation for providing fun games and a high degree of player protection, as well as a rich history of award giving and returns to good causes. We are determined to protect the reputation of the National Lottery ”.

He added: “For the fourth license, we will be evolving our regulatory approach to take advantage of the successes of the National Lottery. In line with our results-focused approach, we want the next licensee to have greater autonomy to meet the needs of players in 2023 and, at the same time, guaranteeing a responsibility with Lottery performance ”.

UKGC establishes essential criteria for granting

The entity has defined essential factors for the concession, which will be offered for a decade. The focus on performance is pointed out as something fundamental, in which the holder must offer transparency on the way in which the values ​​are collected for good causes in order to preserve the integrity of the National Lottery.

Competitors should also suggest an incentive system, indicating that the transfer of rewards to the customer is in accordance with the intention of creating greater returns for charitable actions.

The last condition has to do with protecting the brand in order to “strengthen the link between the Loteria Nacional brand, its players and good causes”.

Dawn Austwick, responsible for Community Funds, stressed: “Lottery has been essential for communities for 25 years. During this time, players raised £ 41 billion for good causes, supporting arts, sports, heritage and transforming people’s lives. We welcome strong competition to ensure that this success continues for many years ”.

Process should ensure continuity of lottery success

In addition, UKGC has stated that it has been structuring competition for two years, aligning itself with the world market to receive offers from interested investors. For this reason, there was a consultation with companies from the most varied sectors of the economy to welcome suggestions on technological solutions to create new sources of revenue.

“The National Lottery has a positive impact on communities across the UK. The fourth license competition will guarantee your future by combining safe play with life-changing prizes. And most importantly, it will help raise billions to benefit the lives of people across the country, ”said Minister of Sports, Tourism and Heritage, Nigel Huddleston.

The first official stage of the concession contest is already underway. Successful candidates will receive an “Invitation to Apply (ITA)” to start preparing their application. UKGC’s intention is to announce the winner in September next year.