Novos limites de jogos de apostas na Holanda entrarão em vigor em outubro
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The Dutch Ministry of Justice has confirmed that, from October 1st, new security measures for the gambling market will come into force.

Operators will have to ensure that customers set individual limits on gambling spending. Additionally, they must carry out financial checks in cases of monthly deposit limits exceeding €350, or €150 for under 25s.

Understand deposit limits

Maximum deposit limits will be €700 for over 25s and €300 for under 25s. Players who opt for maximum limits will need to undergo one-on-one contact with a trained customer service team.

Customers can make this contact over the phone or through the game interface, but the interaction must involve a person, not a chatbot. Staff must inform clients about the CRUKS national exclusion register.

Customers will be able to reduce their deposit limits at any time. However, they will have to wait seven days if they request a raise.

Additionally, carriers must notify customers of their risk and expense profiles. Operators must display pop-up messages about spending limits and behavior every 30 minutes.

Operators need to notify customers when they reach 50% and 100% of their spending limits. Upon reaching the total limit, they must be disconnected from their accounts.

All licensees must make the necessary technical changes by October 1st.

The Ministry of Justice said: “License holders are required to adjust their systems to comply with the new regulations, including providing clear and understandable information to players about their gambling limits and ensuring contact times with personnel trained in prevention. of dependencies for players who set high deposit limits.”

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Gambling Policy in the Netherlands

The new state secretary for legal protection at the Ministry of Justice has taken over gaming policy in the Netherlands. This position replaces the role of the former minister of legal protection, recently held by Franc Weerwind.

Ultimately, the change was announced after Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PPV) reached an agreement to lead a conservative coalition with the Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), the New Social Contract Party (NSC) and the Movement Farmer-Citizen (BBB).