Lottopar quer Jogo Responsável
Imagem: Lottopar / Divulgação

Lottopar’s CEO, Daniel Romanowski, together with the technical director, Rafael Halila, and the advisor to the Operations Directorate, Pablo Wosniacki, were in Brasília this week for a crucial agenda.

They met with the Secretary of Prizes and Bets, Regis Dudena, and the Undersecretary of Sanctioning Action, Raiana Luiza de Andrade Falcão.

Thus, Lottopar’s progress in regulating sports betting was discussed and how it can contribute to building a safe and regulated market.

Lottopar committed to creating Responsible Gaming

Lottopar is committed to ensuring legal security and encouraging new investments by sports betting companies. The aim is to protect bettors and promote Responsible Gaming.

Daniel Romanowski, CEO of Lottopar, highlighted the importance of continuous dialogue with the market, including state lotteries, government agencies and the Union. He also highlighted that federal regulation will benefit state lotteries, strengthening the regulated sports betting market.

“Lottopar has always been listening to the market, aiming for synergy between state lotteries, state government bodies and also with the Union. Federal regulation will be beneficial for state lotteries”, he commented.

Commercialization of scratch cards in Paraná

On June 6, the company Apostou began marketing the Raspinha instant lottery in Paraná. In just 14 days, more than 50 points of sale were opened, demonstrating the wide acceptance of this lottery modality.

Lottopar, responsible for supervision and authorization, has closely monitored the success of the Scratch Card. Those interested can consult the points of sale on the Lottopar portal, where an interactive map is also available with the exact location to purchase the Scratchcard.

In other words, the Raspinha is a safe and reliable entertainment option, approved and certified by the local authority. Thus, in addition to providing greater fun for bettors, the money raised is directed to financing actions involving social rights.

Therefore, Lottopar is committed to creating a safe and transparent environment for bettors. Therefore, partnership with government agencies is essential for the success of this growing market.