Google vai esperar legislação sobre jogos online
Imagem: STF / Gustavo Moreno

Google interrupted a plan that had already been announced, its RMG (Real Money Games) game project on the Play Store. In January, the Internet giant had already announced that in 2024 it would adopt a “new approach to real money gaming”.

Developers were informed that the Play Store’s RMG framework would be expanded to allow RMG apps to be distributed in the Indian, Mexican and Brazilian markets, subject to meeting “user security criteria.”

Google decided to stop the expansion of RMGs

Google cited “positive feedback” from developers participating in RMG pilot programs in the aforementioned markets, where betting apps remain unlicensed, as one of the main reasons the decision was made.

In the January announcement, Google extended a grace period for Indian DFS and Rummy apps to remain on the Play Store until June 30, 2024 – when the new structure was supposed to come into effect.

However, this weekend, Google confirmed its decision to pause changing RMG policies globally, stating: “Expanding our support for real-money gaming apps in markets without a central licensing structure has proven to be more difficult than expected and we need more time to get things right for our developer partners and the safety of our users.”

While it has paused its changes, Google has indefinitely postponed its grace period for RMG apps in India. The reason is the persistence of existing apps offering DFS and rummy games in India. This way, they can remain on Google Play and users can continue to enjoy them.

Unconfirmed forecast in India and Brazil advances with regulation

India’s gaming sector is in a lot of disarray in 2024. Companies and developers are adjusting to the prospect of a 28% goods and services tax (GST).

But after a meeting of the GST council, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman promised that GST taxes will be revised “six months after they come into effect.” However, the Modi government is yet to publish any agenda despite the warning.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, interested parties await the decision of the Betting and Prizes Secretariat (SPA) to publish the final ordinances.

All of these themes are necessary to launch Brazil’s federal sports betting market by 2024. From January 2025, only licensed companies will be able to operate in the country.

Therefore, Google will closely monitor developments in each market. The goal is to help your developer community create safe and reliable applications for the local public.