Flávio Dino diz que podem surgir ações de constitucionalidade envolvendo os cassinos
Imagem: STF / Gustavo Moreno

Flávio Dino, minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), brought up the issue of casinos and gambling approved by the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) of the Senate.

According to him, it is very likely that this discussion will end up in the STF through some constitutionality action. The bill authorizes the operation of games in Brazil, from casinos, bingo and horse racing, to Jogo do Bicho.

Flávio Dino is concerned about organized crime

Last Wednesday (19), the Senate’s Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) approved the matter. But the topic passed after a very close vote:

  • 14 votes in favor
  • 12 votes against

In this way, the project will proceed for analysis in the House Plenary.

“The debate on casinos will, with certainty, even in view of the precarious functioning of other areas of society, probably end up here in some way,” said the minister.

“And what is the problem with games, with casinos? It is this possibility of interface with organized crime”, commented the minister during the trial on the decriminalization of marijuana possession for personal consumption.

PL for casinos and bingos will not be voted on this semester

Bill PL 2234/2022 will not be voted on by the Plenary this semester in the Plenary. Thus, this decision came after a meeting between party leaders and the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco.

In other words, it was decided that the proposal, approved by the Chamber of Deputies in February 2022, will be analyzed by the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE) and debated in a special session in the Plenary.

Proponents of the proposal estimate that the legalization of betting could result in R$100 billion in investments. Therefore, creating 1.5 million jobs and generating annual revenue of R$22 billion.