Exclusivo: Senador Irajá confia na aprovação do PL dos cassinos e cita as vantagens para o Brasil

Senator Irajá Silvestre Filho (PSD-TO) was the rapporteur of PL 2234/2022, which aims to legalize casinos, bingo and betting, in the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) of the Senate. The text was approved, by 14 votes to 12, last Wednesday (19).

This Friday (21), the senator gave an exclusive interview to the iGaming Brazil portal, addressing the articulation for voting in the CCJ and to take the text to the Plenary as soon as possible, as well as all the benefits that these types of games can offer to the Brazil.

“This project is far from being unanimous, we all know that. This project was approved in the Chamber more than a year ago. We had the chance in the Senate to have a very broad debate. I have the conviction and confidence that we will approve this project.”

“We have tried to convince our fellow senators with arguments, technical data and examples of countries that have approved responsible gaming and betting, saying enough is enough to illegal gambling. Always showing the numbers and what happened to these countries after approval. The economic indicators prove that it was a wise move”, he adds.

Benefits for Brazil

According to Senator Irajá, there are studies that indicate that these games, once approved and regulated, will generate more than R$100 billion in new investments.

“It will move the real economy. Furthermore, we expect to create more than 1.2 million direct and indirect jobs and more than R$22 billion per year in new taxes divided between municipalities, states and the Union”, he highlights.

For the parliamentarian, national tourism will enter a new phase and could double the volume of visitors in five years. “Brazil will position itself as a nation that is open to all global tourists who love games, bingo, slot machines and casinos.

A country ready and eager for new investments such as integrated resorts, a very successful model around the world. Brazil will become the focus of this international tourism concept”, he states.

Senator Irajá believes in approval in the Senate Plenary

Asked about the perception of the other senators on the subject, Irajá considers that the topic has always been the target of criticism and prejudice, but the situation is changing because the ‘game is present in the routine of families, being part of Brazilian culture’.

“Parliament is actually a reflection of society. By understanding that this is part of the routine, congressmen have the sensitivity to respect this reality. Therefore, I believe in the approval of the project. This will revolutionize Brazilian tourism”, he reinforces.

Regarding the vote on the bill in the Plenary, the senator projects: “I believe that President Rodrigo Pacheco, with his sensitivity, will discuss the matter as soon as possible so that we can approve this project and get started towards growth , development and progress of the country”.