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The New York State Senate has passed a bill that would require all gambling advertisements to contain warnings about potential risks.

Introduced by Senator Joe Addabbo, the legislation aims to increase public awareness and provide resources for those who may be struggling with excessive gambling.

If passed by the Assembly and signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, the bill would require all gaming advertisements, whether on television, radio, online or in print, to include a clear and visible warning about the risks.

Additionally, advertisements should provide information about where people can seek help for problems related to excessive gambling.

Gambling: impact and support

This measure is part of a broader effort by New York lawmakers to address the social and economic impacts of gambling.

Senator Addabbo, who chairs the Senate Racing, Gaming and Betting Committee, has been a vocal supporter of responsible gaming measures. Furthermore, it has already promoted similar legislation in the past.

“Gaming addiction is a serious issue that affects many New Yorkers and their families. This project is a critical step in ensuring people are aware of the risks and know where to seek help,” said Addabbo.

The bill has received support from several advocacy groups and organizations working to combat gambling addiction.

They argue that warnings can help prevent problems from developing and encourage those who are already struggling to seek assistance.

However, the proposed legislation has also faced opposition from some sectors of the gaming industry, who argue that it could harm their business and lead to a drop in revenue.

They claim the warnings could discourage people from participating in legal gambling activities and direct them to illegal options.

New York wants to regulate fantasy sports betting

Additionally, New York is proposing new legislation for fantasy sports betting, allowing bets on specific outcomes within fantasy contests.

The project, sponsored by Senator Addabbo, aims to regulate and tax these bets, generating revenue for education and public services.

Therefore, supporters of the initiative believe it will bring much-needed regulation and oversight, protecting consumers and boosting the local economy.