Foto: Roque de Sá/Agência Senado

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), took a crucial step by reading the request to open a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI). Senator Romário (PL-RJ) proposed investigating the impact of sports betting on national sport.

“The country has been bombarded with news about allegations and suspicions of manipulation of results in Brazilian football. Given the large volumes involved in betting and the long time in which this environment was deregulated”, said Romário in a request for the CPI to open.

“It is feared that numerous cases involving the solicitation of players and managers are still occurring, putting at risk the integrity of the game, the good business environment and the passion of millions of Brazilians,” he added.

Romário emphasized the importance of the investigation, pointing out that the country receives news of suspected manipulation of results in Brazilian football.

He highlighted concerns about the integrity of the sport, as well as the risks associated with a lack of effective regulation.

However, it is worth remembering that the regulation of the betting sector was approved by Congress in December last year, including mechanisms to combat manipulation of results and punishment of those involved.

The next step

The next step in the process is the appointment of committee members, which will include 11 incumbents, by party leaders. However, behind the scenes, there are doubts about the likelihood that the collegiate will come to fruition.

Furthermore, the CPI on Manipulation of Results in Football Games, involving sports betting, conducted by the Chamber of Deputies, ended without voting on a report.

On the last day, the opinion of deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE) received a request for review after a demonstration by the opposition, at the beginning of the session.