Nova portaria exige três anos de experiência em monitoramento de apostas online
Foto: Valter Campanato / Agência Brasil

Online betting audit companies will need to have three years of proven experience and will not be able to receive contact from the bookmakers that organize the games.

The rules are contained in the ordinance published this Monday (26) by the Ministry of Finance with the regulation of standards for “audit laboratories”.

According to the rules, there will be no limit to the number of qualified laboratories in the country. The newly created Secretariat of Prizes and Bets, subordinate to the Ministry of Finance, will be responsible for certifying online gaming auditing companies.

Therefore, the body will evaluate both the technological infrastructure and compliance with legal, tax and labor obligations.

The requirement for a minimum of three years of online betting monitoring will benefit foreign companies that audit online betting in other countries.

Furthermore, the ordinance prevents audit laboratory professionals from working for betting companies authorized to operate in Brazil for up to 12 months.

“The technical person, director, manager, supervisor or any other member of the team responsible for assessments to certify the conformity of betting systems, live gaming studios and online games cannot be hired by legal entities interested in obtaining a grant for commercial exploitation of fixed odds bets or by authorized operators, in the twelve months following the evaluation”, appears in article 9 of the ordinance.

Ordinance represents the first step towards regulating the online betting market

The ordinance also obliges, in article 7, the auditing company to sign a declaration that it does not maintain relationships with and does not depend on any other companies, private entities or bodies that have an interest in the results of betting game evaluations.

Thus, this is the first step towards regulating the Brazilian online betting market, regulated by Law 14,190, approved by the National Congress at the end of last year and sanctioned by the president of the republic.

In the coming weeks, other ordinances will be published.