Apostas Esportivas
Imagem: Agência Senado / Geraldo Magela

The Senate’s Communication and Digital Law Committee (CCDD) held a meeting last Wednesday (21) to discuss the report by senator Hamilton Mourão (Republicanos-RS) on a bill that seeks to prohibit internet payments in games and betting considered illegal in Brazil.

The rapporteur highlighted that online betting has led to an increase in household debt.

Project analyzed by the Senate Committee proposes to expand betting payment methods

The project (PL 3,403/2023) proposes to include debit and credit cards, Pix and available electronic transfer (TED) as payment methods on websites inside and outside Brazil.

According to Senator Mourão, the wide availability of these games and bets on the internet has led individuals and families to increasing financial problems.

The project authored by senator Eduardo Girão (Novo-CE) assigns financial institutions and payment companies the responsibility of adopting procedures to identify and prevent these transactions coming from online betting.

Therefore, Senator Mourão’s report is in favor of the project, highlighting the importance of combating the harmful effects of illegal betting.

However, the senator proposed an amendment deleting an article that provides for the regulation of the matter by the National Monetary Council (CMN).

Therefore, after analysis by the CCDD, the project will still be evaluated by the Economic Affairs Commission (CAE). Then, finally, it goes to the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ), unless there is a request for a vote in the Plenary.

So, if approved, banks and financing companies that do not prevent irregular payments for online betting could be fined up to one hundred times the value of the transactions.

In addition, the CCDD is also discussing draft decrees that authorize broadcasting services in 19 Brazilian municipalities, including:

  • Paraná
  • Minas Gerais
  • Sergipe
  • Bahia 
  • Rio Grande do Sul