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Governador do Rio de Janeiro Cláudio Castro (Imagem: Agência Brasil / Tânia Rêgo)

While the Federal Government has not yet completed the regulation of the online betting market, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná are trying to get ahead of the game, adopting measures that aim to increase revenue and attract bookmakers to their respective states.

Therefore, these measures include the definition of amounts for grant payment and the application of percentages on revenue, lower than those provided for in federal legislation.

Ministry of Finance asks governors to calm down

However, the Ministry of Finance appeals to governors to await the final details of the federal law, which they consider implicit in the legislation already sanctioned. The Federal Government fears a possible war between the states to attract bettors.

Therefore, by March, it is expected that at least three new ordinances will be published. They will aim to establish guidelines for auditing, advertising and registration companies for betting houses interested in regularizing in the country.

But one of the issues under debate is the granting of state licenses. While the national license allows a company to operate throughout the country, the local license restricts operations to the state of registration.

Control of territorial delimitation will be carried out through georeferencing of IP addresses of cell phones and computers.

Therefore, the granting of state licenses may have its own rules, such as grant value and earnings rates lower than national rates, in addition to its own advertising rules in local contexts.

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According to federal law, an online betting company that decides to operate in the country will have to pay R$30 million to obtain an operating license. Not to mention a 12% tax on the amount collected by companies after deductions.

The activities of bookmakers can increase state revenues

The president of the National Gaming and Lottery Association, Wesley Cardia, stated: “States can have lotteries, what they cannot do is legislate national rules. In other words, federal law always has greater command”

“They cannot, for example, create a rule that allows the company to be authorized outside the state. A state lottery has to be sold exclusively within the state territory.”

So-called “fixed odds bets” were recently regulated in Brazil. Bookmakers use them for sporting and non-sporting events. But the difference is that the player knows how much he will receive if he wins the guess.

Around 134 companies have already expressed interest in the Brazilian market, and hundreds of websites are operating in the country. But to be authorized to operate in Brazil, the company will have to hire a laboratory accredited by the government.

Then, an adequacy analysis will be carried out to issue a certificate of compliance with the rules established by law.