Relator diz que PL das apostas esportivas terá votação na próxima terça
Fonte: Agência Senado

Senator Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA), rapporteur for the sports betting PL, spoke to the iGaming Brazil portal last week about the progress of the vote.

According to Coronel, the matter of so-called “bets” will finally be voted on in the plenary this coming Tuesday, 12th.

Firstly, the sports betting PL proposal regulates prizes distributed by bookmakers and their collection, in addition to establishing standards for advertising bets.

Therefore, the vote was supposed to take place last week, but after amendments from the opposition, the analysis was postponed.

PL should come out in 2023

According to the senator, the idea is to end this issue this year. “The project should go to a vote this December, before the [parliamentary] recess,” he said.

The Legislative recess is scheduled to begin on December 23rd.

This time, the text’s rapporteur believes that the senators will overcome the criticism made by the opposition.

Coronel stated: “Even with obstruction, we will take the vote. What I keep thinking most is that there are fellow senators who are against this regulation.”

“I always say: we are not inventing the game. The game already exists freely, clandestinely. We will regulate it.”

Likewise, the parliamentarian comments that the legislation that deals with sports betting has existed since 2018, under the government of Michel Temer (MDB).

The project had a deadline of two years to be regulated, which was not met.

Furthermore, the senator argues that the regulation will also bring greater oversight power to public authorities over the activity.

What will the sports betting project look like?

One of the points changed by the rapporteur was the reduction from 18% to 12% of the tax burden on the gross revenue of companies in the sector obtained from games, minus the prizes paid to bettors.

In other words, according to the proposal, bettors will have tax exemption when the prize obtained is up to R$2,112, corresponding to the first bracket of Income Tax.

Above this value, the rate will be 15%. Previously, the rate would be 30%.

While the PL also defines taxation for companies that operate virtual betting games in Brazil. Even if they are based abroad. The project includes, in addition to the so-called “bets”, online casinos.


Senators should maintain the Ministry of Finance’s authorization period for betting operating agents within five years, which can be reviewed at any time.

The grant value should be up to R$30 million, payable within 30 days.

The distribution of this amount will benefit, among others, the Ministries of Sports, with 4% of the total, and Tourism, with 3.5%, and the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion (Embratur), with 1% of the revenue generated.

Athletes will receive 1.13%; sports confederations will receive from 0.05% to 0.4%, while half a percent will go to state sports departments, which must distribute half to municipal departments according to the population of each municipality.

Other areas benefiting will be Education, with 1.82% of the revenue from the measure, and Health, with 0.5%.