Jefferson Rudy/Agência Senado

Senator Eduardo Girão (Novo-CE) highlighted the progress in the Sports Commission (CEsp) on PL 3.626/2023, which aims to regulate fixed-odd sports betting.

The Economic Affairs Committee (CAE) is expected to vote on the crucial project for the sector this Tuesday, 21st, which could later go to the Plenary of the Federal Senate.

Girão emphasized the importance of allocating a portion of the taxes collected to treat ludopaths (gaming addicts).

He also highlighted the possibility of excluding digital and machine games from regulation. “We cannot allow prohibited games to be legalized on the same platform”, warned Girão, concerned about manipulation in games.

However, Angelo Coronel’s opinion at CAE includes online casino games. The tendency is for the inclusion of this type of game to be approved in the Plenary.

Post-Regulation Betting Protection and Liability

According to Girão, it is essential to protect the values ​​of football and prevent addiction among the most vulnerable.

He argues that the government should be cautious when regulating activities that can lead to addiction.

Social impact of betting

Senator Girão also addressed the social issue of sports betting. He expressed concern about the impact of these activities on the most vulnerable in society, arguing that the government must prioritize social protection and avoid encouraging practices that could lead to poverty.

Vote on the betting regulation project this Tuesday

The day could be decisive for the sports betting and online gaming market in Brazil. After all, rapporteur Angelo Coronel must present his opinion to his committee colleagues, putting the text to a vote.

Soon after, the bill must be sent to the Senate Plenary. This is because Senator Coronel’s text presents changes in relation to the text approved by the Chamber of Deputies in September.

If this version is approved, it will have to be returned for consideration by deputies based on the proposed changes.