Regulamentação das apostas esportivas será debatida hoje na Câmara
Regulamentação das apostas esportivas será debatida hoje na Câmara.

Today, Tuesday – September 11, the Sports Committee of the Chamber of Deputies will have the presence of José Francisco Mansur, special advisor to the Ministry of Finance, to discuss the proposed regulation of sports betting in Brazil.

Representative Mauricio do Vôlei (PL-MG), in his request for the hearing, said that “the Brazilian sports betting market has taken up a large part of the Brazilian news as it is the central point of an investigation into manipulation of results that affects the most popular and most loved sport in our country, which is football”.

“It is known that Mr. José Francisco Mansur is one of the main voices on this topic, having worked hard, together with his team, in drafting the standard that will bring more transparency, legal certainty and benefits to society”, highlights Mauricio.

Chamber discusses sports betting regulation this Tuesday
Photo: Zeca Ribeiro/Chamber of Deputies

PM for regulating sports betting was analyzed in July

On July 25, Provisional Measure 1182/2023, which seeks to regulate sports betting, was the subject of 244 amendments presented by senators and deputies.

As a report by Crusoé magazine revealed, President Lula‘s government sees regulation as an opportunity to increase federal revenue, while the political bloc known as Centrão is interested in strengthening the budget of the Ministry of Sports.

This ministry is in the process of transition from Ana Moser to deputy André Fufuca (PP-MA).

Manipulation of results has been investigated by the Chamber since May

Since May, the Chamber of Deputies has been conducting investigations into allegations of manipulation in Brazilian national team matches, through the CPI on Manipulation of Results.

At the beginning of this year, Operation Maximum Penalty, carried out by the Public Ministry of Goiás, revealed a scheme that even involved players from the first division of the Brazilian Championship, seeking agreements to influence the results of matches.

Yesterday, Monday, parliamentarians heard the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Ednaldo Rodrigues, regarding this topic.