Betting: Italy approves reforms for the sector (1)
Betting: Italy approves reforms for the sector (1)

The Italian Chamber of Deputies approved the Tax Delegation Law, which will promote the reorganization of betting in the country.

The bill has now moved to the Senate for final approval, but is not expected to run into obstacles.

Deputy Economy Minister Maurizio Leo said the government is waiting for final approval before the parliamentary recess in August.

The law will retain Italy’s concession model and police authorization for betting at retail establishments.

New rules for betting in Italy

The standard is expected to establish mandatory minimum characteristics for gaming venues, limits on betting and winnings, mandatory training for operators and croupiers, improvements to self-exclusions and a ban on underage sports betting.

Locations must comply with established opening hours and minimum distances between 200 and 500 meters from places such as schools and hospitals.

Many of the changes are aimed at creating a more unified framework, replacing fragmented regional regulations.

Once the bill is passed, the government estimates it will take up to 24 months to craft reforms for implementation.

Betting: Italy approves reforms for the sector
The country is concerned with keeping the iGaming sector sustainable and upright.

It will take a year to establish a new licensing regime for betting. Online gambling, machine, betting and bingo concessions have been extended until December 31, 2024.

Roberto Alesse, Director General of the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM), said the law is an “extraordinary legislative opportunity” to finally resolve outstanding issues in the iGaminng sector, including the fragmented nature of regional laws.

He stressed that the law will also improve player protections and standards, with ADM and local authorities identifying “sensitive areas” to protect vulnerable people.

The new changes promise to make a difference in the Italian betting market, one of the most impactful in Europe.