Federal Government intends to create Secretary of gambling and lotteries to regulate sports betting
Photo: Reproduction / Channel of the Chamber of Deputies on Youtube

The Federal Government intends to forward to Congress a provisional measure (MP) and a project to regulate sports betting in Brazil. According to the website Hoje em dia, the special advisor of the Ministry of Finance, José Francisco Manssur shared this information with the deputies who are part of the CPI of sports betting.

The proposal should address the creation of a national secretariat for gambling and lotteries, which will be responsible for regulating not only fixed-quota bets, but also the entire issue of games and lotteries for the Federal Government.

“We are going to send the proposals even to this CPI so that it can contribute based on the conclusions that can be taken here”, said Manssur, in a hearing proposed by federal deputy Aureo Ribeiro (Solidariedade-RJ).

Also according to Manssur, the government will seek, through ordinances, to define specific rules for the matter investigated by the CPI on betting: financial fraud related to betting sites hosted abroad and the enticement of players to manipulate games.

Government will require sports betting companies to have headquarters and hire Brazilians

José Francisco Manssur declared that the government will demand that bookmakers be headquartered in Brazil, have a minimum share capital and hire a certain number of Brazilians. In addition, a grant amount will be charged for accreditation purposes.

“Each day that Brazil does not regulate this matter, it fails to collect R$ 10 million reais. We need to create regulations for the collection of these taxes”, pointed out Mansur.

Mansur also recalled that the release of the operation of bookmakers took place during the government of Michel Temer through Law 13,756/18, with the aim of increasing the transfer to public security. The law granted a period of two years, extendable for another two years, for the regulation of this sector. The Bolsonaro government considered publishing a decree on the subject, but gave up on the idea.

Other issues included in the regulation of sports betting, according to the Ministry of Finance, are responsible gaming and gambling. “The programming of Brazilian sports channels is taken over by advertising from betting companies and there is no control,” he said.

“Betting is not a way of life. People can, if they want, use [the game] as leisure, but selling the idea that people can rise socially through games is not a message that the government understands as correct”, added Manssur.