Ministry of Finance intends to create secretariat to supervise sports betting
Photo: Valter Campanato / Agência Brasil

The Ministry of Finance is planning to create a new secretariat for the practice of online betting. The folder led by Fernando Haddad intends that this new secretariat will take care of the issue of collecting digital commerce and online betting.

According to O Globo, taxation of the online betting sector should become a reality soon after the launch of a provisional measure (MP). The Federal Government’s option for an MP for this sector is due to the immediate entry into force of the new rules.

Federal Government evaluates creation of mechanisms to curb excessive gambling

The Federal Government is also considering including ways to curb excessive gambling in betting regulations. The tendency is for the Ministry of Health to act in this regard, providing a telephone line for Brazilian players, as already happens in other countries.

Another possibility is the creation of some form of assistance with mental health professionals from the Unified Health System (SUS). These mechanisms should appear only at a later stage of the regulatory process.

The Ministry of Finance has already finalized the draft of the electronic betting regulation text, however, it is awaiting a definition on the subject.

Sports betting CPI

It is worth mentioning that the scandal with the discovery by the Public Ministry of Goiás of a match manipulation scheme in Brazilian football resulted in the opening of the CPI on sports betting. This scandal ended up speeding up the regulatory process.

Several players were enticed by punters to carry out penalties or receive cards during matches in Series A and B of last year’s Brazilian Championship, as well as this year’s State Championships.

Some athletes have already been punished in the sporting field with bans, long suspensions and fines. However, these same athletes can also be penalized in the Common Court. The Public Ministry treated bookmakers and football clubs as victims of the scheme.