Bookmakers and the Ministry of Finance are concerned about Lira's influence on the regulation of sports betting

The sports betting regulation is becoming increasingly necessary in Brazil. It is estimated that the sector could generate around R$ 15 billion in revenue for the country, and could help in the most diverse sectors of Brazilian society.

The Ministry of Finance has been working to publish a provisional measure (MP) with immediate effect, which would help streamline the process of regulating the segment. However, the mayor, Arthur Lira, demanded that the matter should be dealt with via a bill (PL).

Lira’s attitude generated some concern among companies in the sector and even at the Treasury. Recently, a piece of news that portrays this scenario was published by Guilherme Amado in his column on the Metrópoles portal.

Lira’s influence on the regulation of sports betting worries the Ministry of Finance and companies

The power that the mayor, Arthur Lira, will exercise over the regulation of sports betting worries the Ministry of Finance and companies that promote gambling in the country.

The Treasury had a provisional measure (MP) ready for publication when it was informed that the matter would have to be dealt with via a bill. The demand was made by Lira himself to the federal government.

The change in plans frustrated the team that Fernando Haddad assigned to write the MP. The effects of the provisional measure would be immediate and would allow the ministry to implement control and collection mechanisms before the text was validated by Congress.

Among the companies, there is a rumor that the competence to regulate sports betting could be transferred from the Treasury to the Ministry of Sport, considered a fragile portfolio and more susceptible to the influence of the Centrão.

Last year, Lira approved a project in the Chamber that legalized gambling in Brazil, such as bingos, casinos, jogo do bicho and, of course, online games. The text provided that 10% of the collection would finance programs and actions in the field of sport. The proposal has not yet begun to move through the Senate.