How England, Spain and the United States deal with sports betting
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Brazilian football is going through a troubled period due to the investigations of Operation Maximum Penalty, carried out by the Public Ministry of Goiás, on a match-fixing scheme in Series A and B of the 2022 Brasileirão and state championships this year. ESPN detailed how three countries regulate and react to both sports betting and attempted manipulation.


Bookmakers were gaining ground in Spanish football and sponsoring LaLiga clubs and game broadcasts. In 2021, a government decree regulated advertising in this sector. The issue focuses on responsible gambling, with TV ads allowed only in the late hours.

Some brands still maintain partnerships with clubs and athletes, however, this type of advertising can only be carried out outside Spain. Despite the restrictions, bookmakers’ revenues have tripled since 2015. Last year, Spain made approximately €1 billion in sports betting.

About 77 bookmakers have their headquarters in the country. To operate in Spanish territory, it is mandatory to have a license, with a body supervising the practice, with 20% of revenues destined to the Ministry of Finance. LaLiga, for its part, investigates any suspicious action, with cases sent to legal authorities.

United States

Since 2018, sports betting has been cleared by the US Supreme Court, as long as it is regulated in the states. Today, 33 of the 50 states authorize the practice. Three others are working together to legalize these operations soon.

In 2018, a study by the Association of American Sports in Nevada, at the time the only state that had betting as a legal activity, pointed out that the turnover was around 5 billion dollars. Last year, the amounts reached 220 billion.

A recent survey by CRG Global revealed that 67% of North Americans follow the NFL more regularly due to the bets placed, with the NBA appearing in second place in the ranking, with 57% of fans using this argument.

Seven NFL players have been suspended for violating league policy. Calvin Ridley did not participate last season because he bet on the victory of his team at the time, Atlanta Falcons. Operation Maximum Penalty came to MLS, named after Brazilian Max Alves (Colorado Rapids), with teams emphasizing the rules of the sports league.


According to ESPN, bookmakers are very strong in the country. Some houses are installed even in the doors of Premier League stadiums and sponsoring several relevant teams, such as Everton, Newcastle and West Ham.

However, the teams themselves have decided not to accept companies from the sector as master sponsors from the 2026/2027 season onwards.

Bookmakers were legalized in 1960. In 2005, the Gambling Commission was created to oversee the market. Professionals linked to any modality are strictly prohibited from placing bets.

The most recent case involved Brentford striker Ivan Toney, who placed more than 200 sports bets between 2017 and 2021, being suspended for eight months. However, he has not been accused of match or match fixing.