Bill that aims to ban individual sports betting is presented by Ricardo Ayres (1)
Bill that aims to ban individual sports betting is presented by Ricardo Ayres

Federal deputy Ricardo Ayres (Republicanos-TO) presented bill 2842/2023, which aims to prohibit sports betting on individual actions during sporting events and establish specific regulations for bets related to the number of goals and results of matches.

The main objective of the proposal is to protect the integrity of sports competitions and combat possible manipulations, allowing only bets that are related to the general results of the matches. It is worth mentioning that the deputy is an active member of the CPI that investigates manipulation schemes in football matches, with the aim of favoring gamblers.

As highlighted by Deputy Ayres, this ban aims to avoid negative influences and unsportsmanlike behavior that can arise when betting on individual actions such as yellow cards, red cards, corners and free kicks is allowed.

The deputy commented: “By focusing on betting on the number of goals and results of matches, we will have a safer entertainment option that is less susceptible to undue external interference.”

The deputy emphasized the importance of establishing regulations for sports betting in order to ensure the impartiality of referees and the integrity of sporting events as a whole.

“Betting on individual stocks can distort the game and encourage harmful behavior. We need to preserve justice, credibility and transparency in competitions”, added the parliamentarian.

The bill also establishes the responsibility of the competent authorities to regulate and supervise sports betting permitted under the proposed legislation. In addition, sporting event organizers will be encouraged to collaborate with authorities to combat illegal activities related to betting.

In case of violation of legislation, if approved, sanctions provided for by law will be applied, including fines and criminal penalties, according to the seriousness of the violation. This reinforces the importance of a regulated and controlled environment in order to maintain integrity and legality in the sports betting industry.