Sports Betting CPI: Deputy requests the summons of 7 more bookmakers
Sports Betting CPI: Deputy requests the summons of 7 more bookmakers

Deputy Luciano Vieira, member of the Sports Betting CPI, proposed a request to summon representatives of seven companies in the sector to give testimony. The aim is to hear representatives from Pixbet, SportingBet, Bet 365, Betfair, Betano, Parimach and Betsson in order to obtain relevant information for the work of the CPI. The invitation aims to deepen the understanding of the operation and impact of the activities of these companies in the context of sports betting.

“The sports betting scandal in Brazil only started after these companies set up shop in the country, about six years ago. We are not going to prejudge anyone, but it is important that some points are clarified”, says Vieira.

Faced with the situation in which the president of the CPI, Felipe Carreras, seems reluctant to schedule the voting on the requirements, deputy Luciano Vieira expressed his intention to “obstruct” the other votes of the commission as a form of protest.

This measure would be a way of pressing for the inclusion of the requirements on the agenda, in order to allow the testimony of representatives of sports betting companies. The impasse between the members of the CPI highlights the disagreement in relation to the conduct of the works and the importance of the summons for the advancement of the investigations.

Schedule of activities of the CPI of Sports Betting

Deputies approved the schedule of activities. The sessions will be held between May 30th and September 14th. Public hearings, official missions and other steps must also take place within this period. The Sports Betting CPI will have a break during the parliamentary recess (July 18th to 31st).

The proposed report must be submitted by September 18th. The Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies will vote on the report between the 26th and 28th. The commission’s official name is CPI for the Manipulation of Results in Professional Football Matches.

The Sports Betting CPI began to be articulated as a result of an investigation by the Public Ministry of Goiás that denounced 15 players to the Justice. All became defendants on suspicion of match fixing. Funders of the scheme also accused.