The Provisional Measure that regulates Sports Betting in Brazil had great repercussions when the news circulated that it was already regulated and finalized, but in fact it is still in the finalization phase.

According to the Federal Government, with clear rules, there will be more transparency and control over the sector, avoiding cases of manipulation of game results and guaranteeing a new source of revenue for the country.

The Measure establishes that only qualified companies will be able to receive bets related to official sporting events, organized by federations, leagues and confederations. Companies that are not qualified will incur illegal practices and will be prohibited from carrying out any type of advertising, including in digital media.

Companies will be taxed at 16% on the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), the revenue obtained from all games played, subtracting the prizes paid to players. The prize received by the player will be taxed at 30% Income Tax, respecting the exemption of BRL 2,112.00.

To comment on the much-discussed and expected topic, the iGaming Brazil portal invited Udo Seckelmann, a lawyer specializing in Sports Law, Gaming Rights, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution at Bichara & Motta Advogados since 2014.

In the video he comments on the positive and not so positive points brought by the MP. Issues such as taxation, taxation on the gambler (based on Law 13,756), advertising blocking and sponsorship of unregulated companies established in Brazil, among other items in the text.

Udo says that “no regulation is born perfect, all are modeled and improved over time, even the UK which underwent changes after its publication.”

Watch the full interview with Udo Seckelmann